Hi. Welcome to Woodpile. My name is Hal. Just kidding, it's Jeff.

There's a lot of clutter and knock-offs out there in the lighting world. I design and create my own products.

Creative lighting, twisting shadows, and hiding the light source has been my product design passion for 38 years.

This portfolio represents the latest projects I've made and am currently selling.

I have a shop full of wonderful materials that I've salvaged to incorporate into elaborate light fixtures.

Have you ever seen 30,000 tent poles?

Laser cutting, welding, wood working, tube bending, micro-electronics and drawing are incorporated into some level of daily creation.

Contact me if you see something you like OR want to make something fun together!


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bike parts big ball

Bike Parts

bike parts ༶ shadow ball

Upcycled local bike parts.
34" diameter x 26" tall, 120+ parts, 40lbs.

woody pulsating sun


woody ༶ pulsating sun

Upcycled fine maple veneer.
5" diameter x 6" tall, 24 radial blades, 7lbs.

woody striated oval tilt


woody ༶ striated oval tilt

Upcycled fine maple veneer.
8" diameter x 37" tall, 50 radial blades, 3lbs.

bike parts all rim drum

Bike Parts

bike parts ༶ rim drum

Upcycled from local crested butte bike parts.
28" diameter x 28" tall, 14 x 26" rims, 25lbs.

toobs big drums


toobs ༶ toobs big drum

Upcycled aluminum tubes.
15" diameter x 17" tall, 30 tubes, 3lbs.

toobs color pendant


toobs ༶ multi-color pendant

Random colored aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 25 tubes, 16oz.

toobs garden tiki solar light


toobs ༶ tiki solar lights

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 36 tubes, 16oz.

toobs garden tiki solar light 2


toobs ༶ tiki solar lights 2

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 20 tubes, 14oz.

toobs 30foot fountains in the desert


toobs ༶ 20 foot fountains

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" bundles x 20' tall, 100s of tubes.

toobs 9foot joint for the Wailers


toobs ༶ 9' Doobie

Entry sculpture for The Wailers concert.
9' tall Hermes missile shape.

nordic ski chandelier


skis ༶ chandelier

Used kids race skis. CB Nordic Center entry chandelier.
5' tall x 26" diameter,


If you are, or know of an interior designer, design agency, spec-home builder, restaurant developer, please pass along my website address and info. I'm looking to grow my production, looking for visibility and good people to get creative with. Thank you for considering!

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