Wow, my favorite structure I've ever designed. It is a crazy grid of tunnels and a mesmerizing maze.

Such a series of elaborate shapes. No hole in the grid is the same shape.

I wanted to mimic metal. All the curves and points were designed off of a metal prototype.

The grid structure runs up and down as well as horizontal and vertical.

There is a triple allée of views through the network of corridors.

This is not your average bowl of ravioli.


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bike parts big ball

Bike Parts

bike parts ༶ shadow ball

Upcycled local bike parts.
34" diameter x 26" tall, 120+ parts, 40lbs.

woody pulsating sun


woody ༶ pulsating sun

Upcycled fine maple veneer.
5" diameter x 6" tall, 24 radial blades, 7lbs.

woody striated oval tilt


woody ༶ striated oval tilt

Upcycled fine maple veneer.
8" diameter x 37" tall, 50 radial blades, 3lbs.

bike parts all rim drum

Bike Parts

bike parts ༶ rim drum

Upcycled from local crested butte bike parts.
28" diameter x 28" tall, 14 x 26" rims, 25lbs.

toobs big drums


toobs ༶ toobs big drum

Upcycled aluminum tubes.
15" diameter x 17" tall, 30 tubes, 3lbs.

toobs color pendant


toobs ༶ multi-color pendant

Random colored aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 25 tubes, 16oz.

toobs garden tiki solar light


toobs ༶ tiki solar lights

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 36 tubes, 16oz.

toobs garden tiki solar light 2


toobs ༶ tiki solar lights 2

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" diameter x 17" tall, 20 tubes, 14oz.

toobs 30foot fountains in the desert


toobs ༶ 20 foot fountains

Repurposed aluminum tubes.
5" bundles x 20' tall, 100s of tubes.

toobs 9foot joint for the Wailers


toobs ༶ 9' Doobie

Entry sculpture for The Wailers concert.
9' tall Hermes missile shape.

nordic ski chandelier


skis ༶ chandelier

Used kids race skis. CB Nordic Center entry chandelier.
5' tall x 26" diameter,


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